Street performance (Busking)

Playing in the street is one of my favourite forms of performance. There’s so much magic about it. I’ve met so many amazing people, great musicians and artists, had so much beautiful feedback from people and enjoyed the opportunity of sharing my music and experimenting, creating on the spot, improvising... 

Nowadays everything is fast, nobody has time for the important things in life. Music is a need of the soul, not an accessory. It brings life into the streets, soothes the mood, makes people smile and relax, stop for a moment and just listen. An unexpected experience!

I go out to play in the street to share my music with the people, to give what I have. The return from the public is always great, often overwhelming. People really make my day when they come to me and say "thank you" or "you made my day". 

Over the years, busking has become an excellent platform for writing ‘on the fly’. I’ve always loved improvising and by doing it so much while busking, I got to write pieces out of improvisations. It’s always an awesome process to create like that. The improvisation starts taking some shape, some paths, until it becomes a defined tune. I’ve always been so surprised that these improvised compositions are the most loved ones by the public. That has encouraged me to explore the solo realm and so far it’s been a terrific adventure!